Beyond sad fountains


A neo-baroque fantasy. Gut strings blended with electronic sounds. Music with songs by Dowland and Per Buhre improvised around in a dreamy totally new kind of sound.


This is a project we have been working on for years to create something authentic and genuine. The program is quite varied though in the same estetics. Some pieces sound a little bit classical, some folky and some jazzy but everything blends together seamlessly. The presentation of the program is as usual in our own relaxed and communicative way.


The program is about 60 minutes and is played with or without intermission. This program needs amplification since we work with electronics. In venues with good acoustic the PA could be quite simple.

Fredrik Bock plays the theorbo and baroque guitar in his very own rythmical and ultra communicative way.

Johannes Lundberg plays the double bass and electronics and is important with his ambient textures and his driven bass playing that helps bridging the more classical sound to the experimental.

Per Buhre is the founder of this project and the composer for most of the songs. He changes between voice, violin and viola. His voice range from the more classical sounding counter-tenor to a more relaxed narrative deeper way of singing.

Michaela Antalová is an unique percussionist that with her organic frasing and sense for sounds is an indispensible part of this ensemble.

Harald Svensson is the foundation of the ambient landscape that creates the playground for this project. His love for baroque music and joy of improvisation is clearly present in everything he does.