Everybody has been to a classical concert that was well played but pretty boring... For us, a concert should be beautiful but at the same time inventive, entertaining and engaging.




Beyond sad fountains

We put John Dowlands music and lyrics in a blender and pushed the button. A magical cocktail topped generously with improvisation and electronics.

Awarded with grant from STIM for the compositions



"Violently beautiful"

"This is fantastic!!!" 

"Amazing voice, just amazing"


Handels Messiah for 4

Our iconic rendition of Handel's masterpiece. Pure beauty, breakneck virtousity and humor in an irresistable mix.

Reviewed 6/6 in Denmarks

largest newspaper!


"Absolutetly divine"

The Odd Perspective

A well balanced tapas of our favourite classical hits served with delicacy, playfulness and steaming gut strings.


Music by Beethoven, Landi, Schmelzer, Schuman, Bellman etc. 





Odd Size is an ensemble with roots in the Gothenburg based opera company “Utomjordiska” (“From Outer Space”). It consists professional baroque musicians frequently playing in leading ensembles in Scandinavia, such as Barokksolistene (N), Concerto Copenhagen (DK), Göteborg Baroque (S).


Odd Size’s vision is to create performances aiming to push the limits beyond controlled "perfection" into sweaty gut strings, grooviness, playfulness and humour. We want to revive a perspective of classical music that is creative and full of improvisation and that dissolves the boundaries of genres. Some of our inspiration comes from jazz and folk music but we are still very proud of calling ourselves baroque musicians.