After the succes with Odd Size Messiah for 4, we couldn´t say no to the challange of making a Beethoven programme for his anniversary 2020. With our background in baroque music we have to admit that we were a bit on thin ice with Beethoven, but we do love big challenges! And if Disney can be on ice, so can Odd Size and Beethoven! We are making our own versions of some of his best known hits, for instance: 5th Symphony, Moonlight sonata, Für Elise, Sonata Pathetique but we also present some less known pieces, for instance our version of his sketch for Erlkönig, and what about one of his pieces for mechanical organ in a version for charango, violin and cello. We also present some of his most beloved songs, Ich liebe dich, and some less known, for instance one of his lovely Scottish songs. We hope that the experienced Beethoven listener will enjoy and find our versions interesting and entertaining, and that the unexperienced listener will get a fresh start with encountering Beethoven.